The Troy Boiler Room is a full service recording studio located in the heart of Portland, Oregon at 222 se 10th avenue, just 2 blocks south of East Burnside, The Doug Fir Lounge, and a smattering of bars and restaurants that celebrate the unique food and brew scene Portland is known for.

TBR boasts a 32 channel in/out Pro Tools 10 system, employing a vintage 1986 Soundcraft Series 600 Modular Recording Console to grab your tracks, We then feed it to our Motu 24i/o and 2408 MKII to complete the AD/DA Conversion. Once in the box, we’ll use a host of stellar plug Ins from our Waves Mercury collection, SPL, Softube, Brainworx, Izotope and more for tone correction, then send it out to our 16 channel summing section for extremely warm mixes. We can also drop your tracks to our Tascam Model 38 8 track 1/2 inch reel to reel for some real warmth! Once there, take advantage of our Duplicating services. We can do short run cd duplications for $1/disk and recycled sleeve.

Troy Boiler Room

222 SE 10th Ave.

Portland, Oregon

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